10 Cop-like Habits

As an officer, a family member of an officer, a friend of an officer, or a cop supporter.. you've probably done some of these things (if not all of them). You are always scanning while in public. You watch faces, watch body language, watch the hands... you pretty much keep tabs and see things not even security cameras can. You can spot a violation from a mile away and can probably recite verbatim the violation chapter and description. TICKET! YOU GET ONE TOO! YOUR HEADLIGHTS OUT! SPEEDER! You can¬†sense cops while in public.…continue reading →

Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Apparel

The news has been recently broadcasting some stories that Walmart is selling Black Lives Matter apparel, and they indeed are. Through some digging ourselves we were able to uncover not one, not two, but three separate styles of Black Lives Matter shirts that are available on their website. They have the right to sell whatever they want, but I have the right to not shop at their store. Looks like I'll be shopping elsewhere. I will not support a company that stands in line with supporting a hate group that bashes the police,…continue reading →

Washington State Officer Identified

Officials have identified a police officer who was shot and critically wounded in Washington state as 61-year-old Mike McClaughry, who is known by the nickname "Mick," police said. Mount Vernon Police Lt. Christopher Cammock said at a Friday briefing that McClaughry suffered a gunshot wound to the head while investigating a reported shooting in a Mount Vernon neighborhood north of Seattle. McClaughry is a father of three and a grandfather who started working with the Mount Vernon Police Department in 1985. Cammock said, "Service might not adequately describe what Mick has done for…continue reading →