Nanny Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable

In 2014, a young mom in law school named Whitney Matney was searching for a nanny to care for her one year old daughter, Raylee. After narrowing her search, she found an old high school classmate who seemed to be a good fit. Her references checked out and she seemed pretty trustworthy. Over the next few weeks, the Matney's daughter started acting strange. She would run to her parents arms the second the nanny entered the home and she'd be screaming. This is when the Matney's set up a nanny cam to capture…continue reading →

Gunfire Reported At Nakatomi Plaza

December 24, 1988 A large police presence is currently present at Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Multiple explosions have been witnessed by news crews and the sound of gunfire has been heard. Officials have stated that a single officer, identified as John McClane, is currently in the building with suspected terrorists. Injuries and casualties are unknown at this time. Further information will be broadcasted when available.   This is a joke and reference to Die Hard, the movie.continue reading →

Officer’s 2-Year-Old Son Killed By Service Gun

A Cleveland police statement said officers responded to a home in the northeast Ohio city around 10:30 a.m. Friday. Police said the child was taken to a hospital where he died from his injury. The names of the child and the father weren't immediately released. The police statement said preliminary information indicates that the child got his 54-year-old father's service gun and shot himself. Police said they are continuing their investigation. They said the officer was hired by the department in 1993. Courtesy of WESH2 News.continue reading →

Deputy Finds Hate Message On Receipt

On December 20th, 2016 a Deputy in Texas went to a Schlotzsky's in Seguin for a quick bite to eat while in uniform and on duty. Upon paying and getting his food, he looked down at his receipt and saw a hateful message saying "FCK U." The Deputy immediately filed a complaint and found out the cashier was indeed the individual who added the message to the receipt and Schlotzsky's. Since the location was privately owned and operated, the corporate office responded with the following: Shortly after the corporate office posted a comment…continue reading →