[About Us]

Enough is Enough is an organization dedicated to displaying support for first responders, primarily law enforcement. The name Enough is Enough stems from the constant line-of-duty deaths that occur on the weekly. Enough is Enough already. One death is too many and as a country, nearly 120 officers are killed in the line-of-duty every year.

As an organization, our general goal is to help get line-of-duty deaths down to zero. We have many other goals, which will be visible as events arise.

[Organization/Facebook Page Policies]
[1.0] The organization is run from a firm pro-law enforcement perspective but we condemn those who dishonor their badge.
[1.1] The use of profanity is permitted, since law enforcement encouter them and use them often.
[1.2] Any behavior such as; cop hating, trolling, armchair quarterbacking, harassment, sexism, or racism is not permitted.
[1.3] Being offended is a personal issue. If you do not like what you see with this organization you can simply unfollow us.
[1.4] Any behavior that may be considered as a threat, harassment or bullying, will be reported to authorities.
[1.5] Due to recent scams, we are no longer posting outside fundraisers, such as GoFundMe. In limited cirumstances we may allow it once fully verified.
[1.6] We will not post other pages in promotion, or give shoutouts, except in limited circumstances.
[1.7] Some content on the organization page may not be suitable to some and viewer discretion is advised.
[1.8] Content that is posted is done so in good faith. We attempt to provide credit where it is due.
[1.9] Content that is abusive, offensive, or unrelated to the at-hand topic may be removed without warning.
[2.0] The discussion of politics is permitted. We will post about happenings within politics that are related to first responders.
[2.1] This is privately run organization. As stated in the Facebook Guidelines, by using Facebook or our organization page, the extent in which you express your rights may be limited. Please follow all Facebook Guidelines and their Terms of Service.
[2.2] You may post to our timeline or private message us with any questions, comments, concerns, or if you simply want to just chat.
[2.3] We have a fund associated with our organization called the ‘Enough is Enough Fund.’ The funds within are from private sales of our apparel, logos, banners, gear, etc. and are sent at the discretion of organization staff to agencies, officers in need, families of officers and so forth. A percentage of each sale normally goes into this fund. The additional funds are for organization expenses.
[2.4] We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit but we are classified as a Community Organization since we have a side business for producing first responder apparel, logos, banners, gear, etc.
[2.5] The list of policies is subject to change or modification at any time without warning.

Patch – Organization Director
Hoosie – Organization Administrator
Fiji – Organization Administrator
Moose – Organization Administrator