Words from a 4-year-old police niece

Today my 4-year-old niece saw me for the first time in uniform. She knows I work in law enforcement and has seen my patrol car in the garage. She enjoys flicking the lights and sirens whenever she comes over. This is the conversation we had:

Her: Wow you look like Batman but stronger.
Me: Thanks, sweetheart.
Her: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Of course.
Her: Why do bad people hurt police for helping them?
Me: Because bad people only care about themselves.
Her: I heard sometimes police die. I don’t want you to die. You make me happy.
Me: *tears in my eyes*
Her: Don’t be sad you need to be happy to help people.
Me: *now crying*
Her: Do you need a bandaid? Are you hurting?
Me: No, I just love you lots.
Her: Well I have lots of bandaids, so if you ever need one I can fix your cuts.

This exchange is one of the things that keeps me strong in my job. So much good comes from something I love doing. Never take life for granted. Hold your loved ones and cherish every second you get with them.

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