Employee Writes ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Cops Order

A Police Officer in Georgia picked up his box of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and was stunned to see a message written on the box that says "Black Lives Matter." An employee with the Smyrna Police Department (GA) discreitly relayed this information to multiple different law enforcement organizations, including Blue Lives Matter, Enough is Enough, and Survive the Streets: A Page for Cops. The reason for not posting it on social media or going to the news is due to the fact the department has a very strict social media policy that prohibits officers from…continue reading →

Words from a 4-year-old police niece

Today my 4-year-old niece saw me for the first time in uniform. She knows I work in law enforcement and has seen my patrol car in the garage. She enjoys flicking the lights and sirens whenever she comes over. This is the conversation we had: Her: Wow you look like Batman but stronger. Me: Thanks, sweetheart. Her: Can I ask you a question? Me: Of course. Her: Why do bad people hurt police for helping them? Me: Because bad people only care about themselves. Her: I heard sometimes police die. I don't want…continue reading →

Officer Finds Hateful Message On Receipt

A police officer in Gainesville, GA. went to Arby's for a quick bite to eat while on duty with some other officers. The officers regularly visit the location due to the friendly staff and open door policy for first responders. After receiving their meal, an unnamed officer looked at their receipt and found the word "PIGS" for his customer number. The officer quickly went to social media and notified Arby's corporate. Shortly after contacting Arby's, the head honcho of Arby's personally reached out to the manager of the store and this statement was…continue reading →

Nanny Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable

In 2014, a young mom in law school named Whitney Matney was searching for a nanny to care for her one year old daughter, Raylee. After narrowing her search, she found an old high school classmate who seemed to be a good fit. Her references checked out and she seemed pretty trustworthy. Over the next few weeks, the Matney's daughter started acting strange. She would run to her parents arms the second the nanny entered the home and she'd be screaming. This is when the Matney's set up a nanny cam to capture…continue reading →